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Lake Front Homes & Land in the Adirondacks

Alison V. Craig Realty is a small independent real estate office that works as a team. We specialize in providing caring, ethical and knowledgeable service for those persons who are interested in buying or selling real estate in the Lake George area of the Adirondacks. Our goal is to serve you like the unique and special person that you are. If you are seeking a secluded retreat or a waterfront property, our goal is to help you find the property that is right for you.

The Adirondack Region is Unique. The rock formations that make up the Adirondack Park are considered to be the oldest rock formations on the North American continent. Yet they are still active. The dome that forms the Adirondack Mountains is rising at the rate of 2-3 mille meters per year or 12” every century. No one knows why this is occurring or to what end. It is also believed that the Adirondack Mountains were once as tall as the Andes Mountains in South America.

Today there are acres of undeveloped land dotted with lakes, streams and wild life. Here one can still find peace, seclusion and homes that may seem remote, but are within minutes of main roads and services. Hard-wired phones are more dependable than cell phones. People in this area are trusting and neighborly. Well-trained volunteers staff fire departments and ambulance squads. The Adirondacks provides many opportunities for relaxing, hiking, hunting, boating, swimming and fishing. Traveling east from the Adirondack Northway between exists 25 and 28 you will find many beautiful crystal clear lakes such as Schroon Lake, Brant Lake, Paradox Lake, Eagle Lake and Lake George.

Lake George is a geological anomaly. Her waters flow north, eventually into the St. Lawrence River, while just a few miles to the west and east the waters flow south into the Hudson and Connecticut Rivers.

To learn more about the one of a kind homes that you will find on our web site, please give us a call or come into our friendly office---we are here to help YOU!

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